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As of January 2023, I'm only accepting clients for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Rates for services

Child & Family Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration Therapy:

50-minute session: $100

50-minute session for BIPOC and/or transgender/gender-transitioning clients): $75

90-minute intake: $150

90-minute intake for BIPOC and/or transgender/gender-transitioning clients): $100

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy:

50-minute KAP Prep and Integration Sessions: $100

50-minute KAP Prep and Integration Sessions for BIPOC and/or transgender/gender-transitioning clients: $75

KAP session: $100/hr, minimum 3 hrs of dosing and integration

90-minute KAP Intake for new and current clients: $150

90 minute KAP Intake for BIPOC and/or transgender/gender-transitioning clients: $125

Here's a link to a Good Faith Estimate for self-pay KAP @$100/hr (only includes therapeutic services, not evaluation or prescription). 

Note: If you do not have a prescriber for ketamine, I collaborate with a psychiatrist trained in psychedelic-assisted therapies who will conduct an evaluation and write a prescription (if medically-appropriate.) His fee is $400 for the evaluation and $125 for subsequent appointments, and he does not accept insurance. If this cost is a burden for you, please consider what you can afford and let us know when you reach out for an intake. I can also refer you to other local psychiatrists trained in KAP so you can request their fees for services.

I also hold several pro-bono (free) and low-bono ($20/hr) spots for clients, especially uninsured/undocumented folks, so please let me know if costs are a burden for you. We will work it out.


 I accept Quest Behavioral Health, Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield/Magellan Behavioral Health, AmeriHealth, US Family Health Plan, and HealthPartners plans. I'm the process of getting credentialed with Medicaid/CBH in Philadelphia. I'm licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. If out of network, I can generate a superbill for you to submit to your insurance and will work with you to optimize reimbursement.


I support Access 2 Doorways, a non-profit that subsidizes ketamine-assisted therapy and treatment for BIPOC and/or transgender and/or queer clients as well as training for therapists.

 If you're able, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support healing and capacity-building for folks from underserved communities. 



I live and practice on land stolen from the Lenape people. I commit to donating monthly to the Native American Land Taxes already organized on the West Coast and to the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. 

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