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My practice is closed and I'm working full-time at Sunstone Therapies in Rockville, MD. Please fill out this form if you're interested in volunteering for psychedelic therapy  clinical trials. Thanks! 
Please note: I do not condone illegal use or access of psychedelics and cannot provide illegal substances or refer you to places or providers who engage in illegal use of substances. I cannot support you during a "journey," unless it is ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.  I support decriminalization in alignment with the rights and preferences of indigenous communities and eagerly awaiting FDA approval and wider legal access in the USA.

Feeling safe and comfortable in your body, calmly experiencing the present moment, and making friends with your mind are all possible through patient and compassionate practice. Some people choose to use plant medicines, fungi, and molecules on their own to assist in these processes. Others use breathwork, drumming, dancing, chanting, meditation, or other practices to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness for healing and personal growth. 

My approach to psychedelic integration therapy weaves relational, attachment-based, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, trauma processing, and somatic (body-oriented) interventions to meet you where you are. Together, we'll cultivate curiosity about your experiences so any important insights can be integrated and put into practice. Spiritual and existential feelings, challenges, and questions are 100% welcome. Integration therapy uses a harm-reduction approach.

While we may meet together as a pair, you're part of a wide and complex network of relationships with your family, friends, community, the environment, and all the political, cultural, and historical influences that make up a life in modern society. It's important to recognize the impact of systems and oppression in our lives so we can feel less like "The Problem." It also helps us find holistic ways to feel more in balance as we move forward after a psychedelic experience.

I have worked with many clients who have survived significant traumas, who feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, suicidal, hopeless, and explosive. While non-ordinary states of consciousness can bring about huge shifts and significant healing, a lot of murky and scary material can also surface. Every part of you is welcome, shadow and light.

We can yearn for change while also feeling scared of what it might really bring. Psychedelic integration therapy can be an opportunity to slowly understand and befriend your unique complexities and inner world so you can feel more at ease.

More information about my experience and approaches can be found here, and I'm open to questions and ideas about how psychedelic integration therapy could be supportive to you as a unique individual.

I'm certified in EMDR at Level 1 and am able to support you using EMDR as an adjunctive approach for psychedelic integration and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. This is a growing area of clinical practice and I anticipate research will occur in the future. 


EMDR can support adaptive information processing on emotional, cognitive, and physical levels through its 8-phase model. It can also support deep resourcing and grounding. EMDR's theory of change relies on trust in your inner healing intelligence, which is similar to one of the proposed mechanisms of action for psychedelic treatments being studied in current clinical trials. 

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